Games Now!


The Games Now! Game Jam week is approaching – 8.5.-12.5. 10-15-17 at the Design Factory – let miikka.junnila (a-t) know if you can make it. The idea is to make a game during the week in teams that we build on Monday. The Jam is meant for Aalto students preliminarily, but there might be some space for others too – if you are interested, send an email, and we’ll try to sort out if you can join us. See you there!

Games Now! 2016 – 2017

Aalto University’s Media Factory and Media Lab Helsinki are proud to present our fourth annual Games Now! -lecture series.
Games Now!  is a monthly course consisting of lectures handling hot topics of the game industry and culture. The game industry in Finland is living its boom right now. And while Finnish games and brands are selling and making headlines all over the world, there is so much more to know and see from the world of digital games!

In Games Now! we dig deeper to what is actually happening in the game scene – and what will happen in the near future. Aalto’s Design Factory will provide the stage for experienced designers and professionals from established companies such as Blizzard EntertainmentMindfield Games, WarGaming and Next Games. The topics on the other hand will aim at providing insights and advise that students and practitioners alike can take and directly apply to their practice.

The lectures include informational and inspirational talks given by a selection of international speakers and Finnish experts. The lectures will be held once a month and they are open for public – especially people from other schools and game companies are welcome. There’s networking and coffee available for everyone after the lectures.

Spring 2017 program:

16.01.2017 15.00-17.00
“What is eSports, why do people watch it and why should you care? – Max Sjöblom (Researcher, Aalto University)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

13.02.2017 15.00-17.00
No lecture. Games Now! related group work at Design Factory
Design Factory (Otaniemi)

13.03.2017 15.00-17.00
From Culture to Productivity – Teemu Vilen (CEO, Co-founder Reforged Studios)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

27.03.2017 15.00-17.00
Speaker Unavailable – Check out one of our previous streams from Games Now! YouTube channel.
Mobile Game Engine Development at Reforged Studios – Timo Heinäpurola (Senior Engineer, Reforged Studios)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

10.04.2017 12.00-17.00
Aalto In The Game Recruitment event starts at 12:00
Lecture: Free 2 Play Game Architecture – Mikko Toivanen (Tech Production Lead, Next Games), starts at 15:00

Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

24.04.2017 15.00-17.00
Livestreaming, Community Building, and Performative Development – A Retrospective – Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

08.-12.5.2017 10.00-17.00
The Games Now! Game Jam
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)


Autumn 2016 program:

19.09.2016 15.00-17.00
Designing the rabbit hole to the Virtual Wonderland Jaakko Kemppainen (Lead Game Designer, Mindfield Games)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

10.10.2016 15.00-17.00
“What it takes to get a job in the industry – My professional journey” Jim Jiang (Technical Director, Blizzard Entertainment)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

07.11.2016 15.00-17.00
Reseach and Games Industry Panel” – Perttu Hämäläinen (Assistant Professor, Aalto University), Jaakko Lehtinen (Associate Professor, Aalto University), Markus Montola (Game Designer, Reforged Studios)
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

05.12.2016 15.00-17.00 !Speaker delayed!

Games Now course stars at 15:00, but stream maybe delayed.
“Working title:Crucial aspects of Art production from high level concepts to real product in small, fast growing, and large teams. During Development and Live-Ops stages” Anton Oparin – Art Director, Wargaming
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

Course info for Aalto University students: Games Now! is an Aalto course, so any student of Aalto can register to it without extra bureaucracy. To get the credits for this course (3 credits) you have to be present 80% of the lectures. If you miss more lectures than allowed, you can watch the video from the internet and write a one page reflection text and send it to Miikka Junnila ( Remember to sign the list when attending the lecture. In addition to lecture attendance, there will be a one week game jam in spring (8.5.-12.5.) as part of the course, or an essay writing alternative for those whose schedules the jam doesn’t fit into. More info on these in the spring.

If you have failed to register to the course from Oodi, you can still contact Miikka Junnila ( If you are a student of some other school, please talk to your own teachers about the possibility to get credits by taking part in Games Now!.