GN! Online Jams

Games Now! Online Jams are a series of online game jams organized by Aalto University Games Now! lecture series. Jams are open for anyone interested to participate.  We will kick-off each jam with a two hour talk show on our Twitch-channel:

The design constraint for each jam is revealed during the show by a visitor. Together with the hosts the visitor will play and present games that demonstrate how the design constraint have been applied in different games. After the jam the submitted games will be played and discussed in a similar talk show with the same visitor. The review talk show will take place in the following Monday at 15.00 UTC.

Games Now! Online Jams are part of an online teaching development project at Aalto University in Finland, tackling the issue how online game jams with a Twitch show can be utilized in university teaching. For the purposes of the project, all jammers participating in the jams are asked to fill in a short survey after submitting their game. Participating in the survey is voluntary and anonymous. Submitted games will also be analyzed for the study. The collected data is not used in any commercial purposes, will be stored in an appropriate manner and will only be handled by the Games Now! Research team.

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Upcoming Jams

Games Now! Online Jam #3 | October 12-18, 2020. 

The third GN! Online Jam will be an analog game jam! More info later.

Past Jams

Games Now! Online Jam #2: Sad Games | May 4-10, 2020

In our second online game jam, we will have as a guest assistant professor Dr. Elisa Mekler from Aalto University, Department of Computer Science. In her work she examines the motivational and emotional processes underlying User Experience, Games and Gamification. She will present us several games dealing with sadness in various ways, and we will be discussing, what kind of design decisions have been used to express this emotion in games.

Assistant Professor Dr. Elisa Mekler, Aalto University

Games Now! Online Jam #1 | March 23-29, 2020

Our first developer guest is Samuli Jääskeläinen from Varjo! Samuli has been really active game jammer since 2012. He has extensive understanding on the game jam scene and been traveling to many countries participating various jams. We are looking forward to chat with him about game jams in general as well as the design constraint, and games he has picked!

Samuli Jääskeläinen