Past Lectures


Monday 21st October 2019
Self-Determination Theory and Games – Elisa Mekler, Assistant Professor (Aalto University)

Saturday 16th November 2019
What is an environment artist? – Miro Vesterinen (Remedy Entertainment)

Monday 9th December
Making of Noita – The Pixel-Based Physics Roguelite – Petri Purho, Olli Harjola & Arvi Teikari (Nolla Games)

27th January 2020
Leading (Finnish) Game Companies – Tero Virtala, CEO (Remedy Entertainment), Mariina Hallikainen, CEO (Colossal Order), Jami Laes, CEO & Co-Founder (Futureplay Games)

17th February 2020
Games for Nature Conservation – VIlle Kankainen, Game Designer & PhD Student (Tampere University), Nina V. Nygren, Postdoctoral Researcher (Tampere University)

9th March 2020
Reflections on Narrative Design – Brooke Maggs, Senior Narrative Designer (Remedy Entertainment)


Mon 17.9.2018
Game Design – A Year in Review: Triple A, VR Games, Indie Games, Board Games and Serious Games – Samuli Jääskeläinen (Varjo), Panu Saarenoja (Pelaaja), Sonja Ängeslevä (Zynga), Jouni Jussila (Playmore Games), Reidar Wasenius (Serious Gaming Cluster Finland)

Mon 8.10.2018
An Introduction to Blockchain Gaming – Jon Jordan (Accidental Gizmo)

Mon 12.11.2018
Idle Games Deep Dive – Tatu Laine (Futureplay)

Mon 10.12.2018
Gameplay Programming Challenges – Anna Kipnis

11th February 2019
Games for Quantum Computers – James Wootton, Researcher (IBM)

11th March 2019
Check your Assumptions – Making the Most of User Experience Research – Inger Ekman, UX Research Manager (DICE/Electronic Arts)

1st April 2019
Playing with Grief: What Participatory Game Design Can Do for Mourners – Sabine Harrer, Maker & Researcher (Copenhagen Game Collective/University of Tampere)

6th May 2019
Why Godot Right Now? – Ariel Manzur, Co-founder (Godot Engine)

10th May 2019
Playing a Role in Game Development (panel) – Star Jammers of GN! Jam 2019

This lecture was not streamed.


The Great Finnish Live Ops Panel – Emmi Kuusikko, Lauri Ahlgren and Heini Kaihu
I WANT 2 MAKE MUSIC 4 UR GAME – Elie Abraham
Algorithms that Play and Design Games – Julian Togelius
Looking Bright – the Current Landscape of Accessibility for Gamers with Disabilities – Ian Hamilton & Licia Prehn
Esports Growth via Live Streaming – T.L. Taylor
Game Design – A Year in Review – Jaakko Kemppainen
Developing Games for Chat Applications – Elina Arponen
Making Hardware Indie Games – Robin Baumgarten
Why do Influencers Matter for Your Game, and How to Work with Them – Veera Rouvinen
Leveraging Game Culturalization towards Bridging the Gap between West and East – Kate Edwards


Max Sjöblom –  What is eSports, why do people watch it and why should you care?
Teemu Vilen – From Culture to Productivity
Mikko Toivanen – Free 2 Play Game Architecture
Rami Ismail – Livestreaming, Community Building, and Performative Development – A Retrospective
Jaakko Kemppainen – Designing the rabbit hole to the Virtual Wonderland
Jim Jiang What it takes to get a job in the industry – My professional journey
Perttu Hämäläinen, Jaakko Lehtinen, Markus Montola – Reseach and Games Industry Panel
Anton Oparin –  Crucial aspects of Art production During Development and Live-Ops stages


Hunter Grant – Starting Early – Professional Mindset and Student Work
Jaakko Kemppainen – Lost in a Box – Virtual Reality and Puzzle Design
Karoliina Korppoo – Small Teams and Big Plans
Joonas Laakso – The journey to No’Mans Land
Stuart MacDonald – Creating Art with The Product In Mind
Robin Hunicke – Games, Players and Emotions
Antti Tiihonen – Full Spectrum Indie
Graham McAllister – Visualizing the Player experience – behind the metrics
Mikko Rauhalahti & Petri Ikonen – Two Perspectives on Game Development


Leigh Alexander – Gender, Games and Indie Rock
Paul Weir – “Being There” – The Importance of Game Audio
Petri Purho – Creativity and the Game Design Process
Davey Wreden – Playing Stories
Ste Curran – Games as Creative Toy Boxes
Samuli Jääskeläinen – Reality Check – Tackling Virtual Reality in Games
Henrike Lode – Starting from Scratch – A Guideline for Game Developers
Alessandro Canossa – “In your face!”- Player Personalities and Behaviors


Matt Costello – Creating Gameworlds: The Art of Gameplay, Interaction and Story
Christoph Thur, Aleksi Hyvönen & Perttu Hämäläinen – New Interfaces
Gorm Lai – Game Jams and Hobbyists
Johannes Vuorinen, Jetro Lauha & Tero Virtala – What Is This Indie Anyhow?
Aki Järvinen, Markus Montola & Frans Mäyrä – Role of Research
Collin Foss, Alpo Oksaharju & Touko Tahkokallio – Evolution of Monetization
Gonzalo Frasca – Beyond the school utopia: rethinking the educational videogame genre
Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn – Exploring stories in realtime art
Stuart Nolan – Physical Deception, Wobbly Interfaces and Mind Reading Birds