Due to Covid-19 situation we are not currently organizing dinners. We hope to revive the tradition while the situation gets better.

Every Games Now! lecture features a small dinner gathering. On these intimate networking dinners, we continue the topics of the lecture and explore everyone’s ideas on what is “now” in games. In addition to the guest speakers, GN! Dinners have invited game industry representatives and other game professionals joining the discussions.

You can win a free seat to the dinner by 1) sending in the pre-lecture assignments of the lecture according to the deadlines, and 2) joining the lecture at Otaniemi in person where the raffle happens. Make sure that you have ticked the box at the end of the assignment form and that you are present right after the lecture. If you are not present on the time of the raffle, we will just draw the next winner!

Games Now! Dinner with Anna Kipnis on 10th December 2018.

We are aiming to keep these events small, so the seats are always very limited.

The 2019 Spring dinners are sponsored by Aalto Digi Platform.