Top 10 Trends in Games Now – 2022

23rd May 2022
15:00 -17:00 (EEST) / 12:00 – 14:00 (UTC)

How was Games Now! in 2021-22? The Games Now! lecture series has been discussing timely topics in the field of game design and business since 2013. The curatorial process involves drawing from years of insight on the field, as well as from the active discourse with game professionals all around the world. In Games Now! lecture series, there are only a few slots to cover the complex flux of the game industry – many trends impacting the game ecosystem will stay untouched. This lecture reflects on the past lectures, but also sheds a light on the future of games and Games Now! If you missed all the lectures this year, do not miss this one as it neatly recaps the academic year 2021-22 while giving additional insight to the topics and the trends on the industry right now.

Annakaisa Kultima, Postdoctoral researcher, Aalto University

Annakaisa Kultima is a game scholar at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland. She has been teaching and studying game design and development since 2006 in several universities in Finland and Sweden as well as touring as a visiting lecturer around the world including universities in US, China, Denmark, South Korea and Japan. Her research is concentrating on game development cultures, creativity, game industry trends, and game jams. Kultima’s Ph.D. dissertation “Game Design Praxiology” examined the multitude of issues of understanding ‘games as created’ – with a decade long ethnography covering the voices of hundreds of game developers. Kultima is an active member of the game ecosystem in Finland and internationally: she is working as a judge in several game competitions, running and participating in game jams as well as curating exhibitions on games. She has been leading the Global Game Jam theme committee and has worked in advisory roles in game companies, projects and organizations. She is also a member of the founding team of The Finnish Museum of Games and the co-founder of non-profit organization Finnish Game Jam advocating the game making hobby and indie cultures in Finland.